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Thursday, April 01, 2010

George Lucas to remake PORKY’S

I remember a few years ago when Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith came out, and one of many interviewers asked George Lucas "Will you make any more Star Wars movies?" And the Flanneled One said "no". He remarked that he wanted to make "smaller, more personal, more intimate films" for a bit, as opposed to big-budget blockbusters. You know: "art-house movies".

Well, we've known for quite awhile that after he was done with Star Wars movies that Lucas wanted to proceed on Red Tails, his long, long, LONG-awaited film about black aviators during World War II. But what would Lucas possibly want to do after Red Tails is in the can?

As of yesterday evening, now we know. GeekTyrant was the first to break the news that George Lucas will – of all the things that he could afford to spend his time and effort on – produce and direct a remake of 1981's hit teen lust comedy film Porky's!

The original Porky's, based on the bestselling novel by Richard Hooker, was directed by Bob Clark (who later went on to make A Christmas Story). It was about a group of high school guys in Florida during the 1950s who seek revenge on the owner of a brothel after he does them wrong.

Okay, I can kinda see Porky's being remade, since nowadays everything from Police Academy to A Nightmare on Elm Street is getting remade or rebooted. But why in the world is GEORGE LUCAS doing this? GeekTyrant's source at LucasFilm reports that "Lucas wants to go back to his American Grafitti roots and show the dark side of the Fifties. And he wants to take another stab at making a comedy. Porky's became one of the most successful film franchises of the Eighties and Lucas saw that the time was ripe to not only bring it into the modern era but also apply new cinematic technology."

Ummmm... all right, I guess. But if Uncle George has any notion about making Porky's in IMAX or (heaven forbid) 3-D, I'm going to avoid this thing like a mange-ridden Ewok.

Ahhhhh... who am I kidding? You and me and everyone else will see anything that George Lucas puts on the big screen :-P


Lee Shelton said...

Lucas remaking Porky's? His journey to the Dark Side is complete.