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Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm thinking of breaking one of my most cardinal rules

That being the one about how I never, ever adopt new technology right out of the gate.

Take the Xbox 360, f'rinstance. I love mine like all get out. Not just as a gamin' machine but as a media extender: movies and such that are kept on my computer can be viewed on my high-def television set. Right handy, that. But it was two years after the Xbox 360 debuted before I even considered getting one. Just made good sense to me, and it's not about it being a Microsoft product either: any piece of high-tech gadgetry is bound to have some issues that only get found and worked out after it's been released into the wild.

So as a result I've never been an early adopter. And I figure that I'm being a wise consumer for having that policy.

But then, late last week on my trip to Asheville, I went into the Best Buy there. And for the first time beheld and then played with an iPad.


One of the things that I don't have is a laptop computer and people often ask me why don't I own one. The most outstanding reason in my mind is how gosh-darned fragile they have been in my estimation. Having worked in more computer repair joints than I care to remember, laptops still have that "whole 'nother beast than a laptop" thing going on with me.

But the iPad?

It really might be my mobile device dream come true. I gave typing on it a shot and had no problems with my usual 150+ words a minute or so.

Darn you Steve Jobs! You and Apple might have finally made me break down from one of my most sincerely-held personal beliefs!!

So will I actually spring for one?

Stay tuned.


Unknown said...

A co-worker has one. I didn't want to give it back after I played with it. I'm holding out for the next gen (hopefully with a camera and more memory). But they are cool. I'm due for a phone upgrade in Oct and I'm hoping Verizon has the new 4G iPhone model by then.

Anonymous said...

If I were you I would hold out for the MS Courier. Has a camera, and its a dual screen foldable. To me its looks better, I at least want to compare them.

Unknown said...

I'll be buying one as soon as they ship with 3G. This device is a game changer. Any other computer that supports other features, but doesn't have an all-day battery, a maintenance-free operating system, and trivial application management are just not getting it.

William said...

150+? Dang.