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Monday, April 12, 2010

THE KING AND I and... me!

After a weekend of what one cast member has called "the most fun audition experience I've ever had" the Theatre Guild of Rockingham County has got the cast for its production of The King and I a little more than two months from now.

And... I'm playing Phra Alack! He's the secretary to the King, and gets to throw his authority around a lot. Unless the King is in the room, and then Phra Alack throws himself down on the floor a lot. Gonna be a fun lil' role! That's also a terrific cast playing the characters... and given that I personally know many of the cast are complete characters, is gonna make it that much more of a hoot of a show :-)

The King and I runs from June 18th through June 20th at Rockingham County Senior High School. Click on the Theatre Guild's website for more information. Hope to see you there!

And as always happens whenever I get involved in something like this, I'll be posting about the experience from here on out :-)


Dan said...

I played Phra Alack in a high school production of King and I in Connecticut. You'll be great! Break a leg =)

PapaBear007 said...

You know that I will be there and so will Allison

Anonymous said...

Remember though . . . the secretary to the REAL King of Siam was very likely a eunuch. Chris, don't go THAT far in getting into character.

Ol' You-Know-Who

Chris Knight said...

It may be bad enough that I'll most likely be doing this role shirtless and that I'm considering shaving my chest for the occasion :-P

Eric H. Smith said...

If Ol' You-Know-Who is correct then I guess I was correct when I said that song was written for a Castrati... :-D