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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Lucasfilm developing animated Star Wars sitcom

Yes, April Fools Day was a week ago. But no, it's not a joke.

A quarter century ago, on Saturday morning cartoons gone far, far away...

That's the title sequence from the short-lived Star Wars: Droids animated series on ABC. The theme song "In Trouble Again" was co-written and performed by Stewart Copeland of The Police. Anthony Daniels again provided the voice of C-3PO.

Twenty-five years later and with Star Wars: Clone Wars a certifiable success for Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network, an animated Star Wars situation comedy is now in the works. Among those involved with the project are Seth Green and Matthew Senreich: the creators and executive producers of Robot Chicken (which has a long history of lampooning the saga).

Ehhhhh... hmmm... don't know what exactly to say about this one. I knew that Lucasfilm was working on an animated Star Was series aimed at pre-schoolers and for most of the week I thought people were referring to that show. I now stand corrected (and befuddled).

Star Wars and comedy. Well, I guess it could work. We've already seen Star Wars do blood-curdling horror recently (the novel Death Troopers). And Kevin J. Anderson's book Darksaber was in my opinion slapstick humor (Darksaber is also in my opinion Anderson's best work of Star Wars narrative, make of that what you will). I suppose this might be something worth taking a stab at.

But what's this show going to be called? Two and a Half Jawas? The Fresh Prince of Cloud City? Sithfeld? Cantina (filmed before a live studio audience)? Everybody Loves Jar-Jar? R*A*S*H (short for Rebel Army Surgical Hospital)? Tatooine Junction?

Or how about the show focuses on Luke Skywalker and his kinfolk? It could be called All In The Family.

Okay, I'm stopping while I'm ahead...