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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mother Teresa's 7 Steps to a Holier Life

Matthew Warner is the thinkin' dude behind Fallible Blogma: his journal of faith, politics and fatherhood from a Catholic perspective. I have been rather enjoying Matthew's insights, and one item in particular is well worth passing along to all two of my own blog's regular readers. It's a list of seven steps to take for a holier life, as observed and articulated by Mother Teresa (in the photo). You'll have to visit the link to see Matthew's compilation in earnest, but they're seven measures that I'm gonna commit to trying to keep in mind on a daily basis...
1. Slow down
2. Make some room
3. Open your eyes
4. Put great love into the small things
5. Do not tire
6. Remember: It's faithfulness, not success
6. Leave the rest to Jesus
Good things to remember, whether or not you are Catholic. And I very much appreciate Matthew for putting this together :-)


Matthew Warner said...

Thanks, Chris! I really appreciate the support! Mother Teresa is awesome!