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Thursday, April 01, 2010

“The NASCAR Tax”?! Don’t go there Governor Perdue!

What. The. #&@$ ?!?!?

Just saw on the website for the Raleigh News & Observer that Governor Bev Perdue is talking with members of the General Assembly about levying a tax on all NASCAR-related sales within the state of North Carolina.

I say again: What. The. #&@$ ?!?!?

According to the article, if enacted into law the tickets for NASCAR stock car races will have a 10% tax imposed upon them. And it's not just that, friends and neighbors: the NASCAR merchandise is going to be hit extra-hard too! Want a scale-model replica of "King" Richard Petty's famous Number 43 car, or a calendar highlighting Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s career? Well in addition to the regular sales tax it's gonna have 5% extra added to the final price as well.

I can guess why Governor Perdue might be trying to do this. North Carolina is already the most-taxed state in the southeastern United States! Heck we're taxed to DEATH here! We're taxed so much that there's nothing... and I mean NOTHING... legitimate left to tax. So Perdue is going to go for the jugular.

I put her chances of getting elected for another term to be about as much as those of most of the Congress-critters who voted for Obamacare. If this is true, this is about the DUMBEST move in political history.

Anyone else wanna burn up the switchboard at the State Capitol?!?