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Sunday, May 16, 2010

DreamWorks looking at Monsterpocalypse movie... and involving Tim Burton!

DreamWorks has acquired the rights to make a full-length feature film based on Monsterpocalypse. Yup, that Monsterpocalypse: the collectible miniatures game that I wrote about back in November...

Not only that, but DreamWorks execs are reportedly trying to get Tim Burton attached to the project. Monsterpocalypse creator Matt Wilson is already on board as co-producer for the movie.

Hmmmm... this could be pretty good. Provided that the correct tone and atmosphere is there. Monsterpocalypse has some terrific background fluff behind it and building on that, DreamWorks could turn in a heck of a good movie. In my mind a Monsterpocalypse film should be like the original RoboCop: intense on action and drama but also with tons of tongue-in-cheek humor and satire. Make it a CGI animated spectacle and DreamWorks potentially has a very strong movie franchise in it stable.

'Course, I can't let a post like this go by without showing off my very own Monsterpocalypse filmmaking: HyperMind's entry in last year's Monsterpocapalooza contest (and we even made the top ten!)...

If you wanna find out more about this great game, smash on through to Monsterpocalypse.com. You'll also wanna check out Team Covenant: a website devoted to great games like Monsterpocalypse (and sponsors of this week's inaugural MonCon in Tulsa, Oklahoma). And I can't say enough good about Team Covenant's The Definitive Monsterpocalypse Tutorial DVD: by far one of the most passionate and clever how-to videos that I've ever seen :-)


Unknown said...

This whole rumor is based on one rumor that a guy wrote up saying "he heard" this.

Writing this post like it is all true without the fact checking or even making it clear that this is rumor is irresponsible.

For the record, this is not how things work. If PP sold those rights, don't you think they would be screaming it from the mountain top?

Chris Knight said...

Well considering how a lot of reputable sources are reporting that DreamWorks has bought the film rights to Monsterpocalypse and that there has been no official statement to the contrary, I would have to say that the evidence at this point indicates that it is far from "rumor".

Just how much do you know about IPs and commercial filmmaking, anyway? Because this kind of thing happens ALL THE TIME! A studio will often snatch up the rights to make a film, if only so that no other outfit can get to it first. Now if/when production begins to ramp up in earnest, then I'd fully expect Privateer Press to come out full bore with the publicity machine about it. But until that happens, Monsterpocalypse is still just a film option based on a board game.

That DreamWorks is already trying to bring Tim Burton aboard though, IMHO says that they've considerable interest in making a real product.

But what I really want to know is: what part is Johnny Depp going to play? :-)

Unknown said...

Maybe I am wrong, but I have been watching this since it started and I have not seen any "proof" just people repeating the original rumor.

I guess only time will tell :) Someday we will know who was right :P

Chris Knight said...

Well, not long ago I would have thought someone was crazy if he/she told me that Ridley Scott was making a movie based on the board game Monopoly. Not to mention Battleship (which is pretty far along in production).

And if Tim Burton IS involved in a Monsterpocalypse movie, then I'll bet good money that we'll see Helena Bonham Carter as Green Fury spokesperson Ellie Pezuto :-P