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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I have some very tragic news to report

Well, not tragic for me anyway. But this will come as absolutely heartbreaking news to the very many would-be suitors who have written in during the past several months asking if my extremely beautiful, incredibly sweet and saintly-in-spirit cousin Lauryn was taken.

She is now! :-)

Now don't y'all worry: I shall continue to post pictures of her whenever there is dire need to publish something aesthetically pleasing on The Knight Shift (which is more often than not). However this will affect some changes to my task.

So to celebrate the occasion, and to mark the passing of the shotgun some of my duties, here is a new photo of Lauryn... along with her FATHER, the elusive and enigmatic Bob!

Perhaps someday I shall be able to also post a photo of Lauryn's brother Robbe, if he ever walks back out of that jungle...


Si said...

Lauryn is taken Chris?

Oh that is good news

I am very pleased

< F "General profanity" K!!! >

Si said...

P.S - I've not been so disappointed since 1986 when I couldn't afford to buy megatron

P.P.S - In fact co... I've laboured this enough now, besides my cat still loves me (so I tell myself)

bmovies said...

"She is now! :-)"

This is an outrage. I consider this a violation of my human rights. She could have had a loser like me, and she blew it.