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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Weird contract clauses for baseball players

Relief pitcher Charlie Kerfeld asked for and received 37 boxes of orange Jell-O as a bonus when he signed a new contract with the Astros in 1987. Roy Oswalt got a shiny new bulldozer for helping his team get to the World Series. A.J. Burnett required the Blue Jays to give his wife eight round-trip limo rides per season from their home in Maryland to Toronto when he signed as a free agent five years ago.

Those are just a few of the wacky stipulations that professional baseball players have demanded or agreed to in their signing contracts, according to this entertaining lil' article at CNN.com. One thing that I didn't know until reading this: Michael Jordan was still getting paid by the owner of the NBA's Chicago Bulls when Jordan tried his luck at baseball in the early Nineties. Why? 'Cuz Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf was also the owner of Jordan's baseball team :-)