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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

THE KING AND I: What do I look like in full makeup?

Last night was our first rehearsal in full costume and makeup for The King and I! The night before was the first time we had the costumes on and thankfully yesterday's practice was bereft (mostly) of most of the "wardrobe malfunctions" that bedeviled Monday's run-through. Mostly though this was to give us a feel for the makeup that we'll be wearing. For those of us playing Siamese characters this means full-body spray-on paint and then about 20-30 minutes in the makeup chair.

So... what does your friend and humble narrator look like as Phra Alack, the King's secretary?

I'd love to be able to show this to y'all unfettered. However due to recent concerns regarding the lack of ethics at a certain local broadcaster, my legal counsel has advised me against posting unedited images from the show on this blog.

But I think this will give you an idea of what to expect...

Nice work on the eyes, aye? :-)


Anonymous said...

That explains a lot of things about him. Smart move protecting your picture like that.

Anonymous said...

Good old honest Johnny Robertson as he seems to refer to himself continues to show video of Chris on his shows putting forth a story In his (Johnny’s) favor.

Johnny will add in the story that Chris has said things about him and Charles Roark on this website but for some reason Johnny never tells what exactly has been said about him on this website nor will he on the other websites.

Charles Roark is the same way he never tells what exactly is being said about him.

Out of all of the videos that Johnny shows I am wondering if there is some reason he does not show the girls dancing in the church in Kernersville and the filth he said about them. Is this really being honest?