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Sunday, June 27, 2010

TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL: A movie SCREAMING for distribution and NOW!

Awright, I'm finally sick and tired and fed up with this. So once more I am feeling morally obligated to use this blog for a cause greater than myself. Maybe lightning will strike again as it has done a few times already with The Knight Shift.

I am speaking about Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.

And ya wanna know why I'm writing about this, here and now? Two reasons. First of all, THIS MOVIE IS CRAZY AWESOME!! I first saw it at ActionFest in April. It was midnight on a Friday night and the theater was packed and everyone was laughing and lapping it up and begging for more! I had to leave later the following day but my filmmaking partner "Weird" Ed saw it again at midnight that evening and he reported that not only was the screening once more full but he himself enjoyed it even more the second time around!

And I would love few things more right now than to be able to drive over to the neighborhood cinema and see Tucker & Dale vs. Evil again but for some reason beyond my comprehension (and I can comprehend an awful, awful lot) this movie has still yet to find a distributor!

Which draws me to my second reason for writing this: that Tucker & Dale vs. Evil would be an immensely successful and quite welcome entry into the slate of films for the summer of 2010... if it can land a distributor RIGHT NOW. Let's face it: this summer so far at the box office has been a bit of a letdown. The past couple of years were better than usual but now there's quite a bit of a lull in the amount of "must-see" movies. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil would be something that we don't get to enjoy nearly enough of: a bona-fide "sleeper" hit movie that people go to see and tell their friends about how great it is. First-time director Eli Craig has crafted a perfectly balanced mix of slasher-style horror and campy satire that would be like ambrosia for those starving for good cinema this season. And with Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine headlining a great cast, I can easily see where people would be demanding more Tucker and Dale movies to get made. This really does stand to be a whole lucrative franchise waiting to happen. But even if it doesn't, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil as a standalone would earn some serious coin at the box office before fall arrives.

As I said though: this movie needs, nay, deserves a distributor... and it should have had one yesterday.

If anybody in the industry is reading this and wants to pick up what is one of the best-kept secrets in film right now, then do yourself a favor and become the distributor for Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. I bet if this can come out in August, it would rake in at least $75 million... if not much, much more.


AfterShock said...

Oh man! This is such a screamin' good time of a movie! I was laughing heard the second time I saw it than the first....

This movie MOST DEFINITELY needs distribution and NOW. I can honestly say that money willing, I would easily go see this at least 3 times at the theater! And you can bet your butt I would take everyone I know that enjoys this kind of movie!