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Sunday, June 27, 2010

An update on that new film project we're working on!

The muse of cinematography must have an ear inclined toward KWerky Productions lately because on Friday night I casually put the word out to my Facebook friends, asking if anyone had a samurai sword that could be borrowed.

As of yesterday evening I now have two such swords! Either in my actual possession or waiting to be used when time to film this bad boy comes (which Lord willing will be next month).

There is one major-ish piece of prop to secure. That will hopefully happen in the next few days, as we begin work on the costume for the main character this week.

Meanwhile, more people have joined the cast! Including one friend who's a Baptist minister and, well let's just say in a roundabout way he came up with the name of his character on his own... and I'd love to be able to pull off what he has done someday :-)

More soon. And hey, who knows: perhaps we'll even be able to come up with a teaser poster next time ;-)