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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Dude spends $4000 on a life-sized War Machine costume!

Last week this blog joined others in oggling with admiration a full-sized costume of a Covenant Elite from the Halo video games.

Then two days ago I shared with y'all the "impressive... most impressive!" video of a German Star Wars fan's General Grievous costume.

If you have yet to be astonished at the costuming creativity that is apparently running rampant through the land, then this should drop your jaw to the floor: Anthony Le's full-sized, fully automated set of War Machine armor! That photo on the right? That's not a still from Iron Man 2: that is Anthony fully suited up.

Meanwhile I'm sitting here, looking at my humble Jedi Knight costume, looking back at the ingenuity of these other outfits, a single tear trickling down my cheek...

(Okay someday, Lord willing, I will at last put together that movie-quality Boba Fett costume that I've always dreamed of, muhahahahaha!)

According to the story at GeekTyrant, Anthony spent $4000 on his War Machine suit, and took him but one month to construct! It's made from high-impact urethane and held together with 1,500 rivets. The helmet was sculpted from clay and then liquid resin used to cast the finished item (with servo motors making the faceplate open and close like in the Iron Man movies). Add some LEDs to the chest and a motor to make the machine gun spin, and Anthony was all set!

But why just look at the pictures when you can see War Machine in full glorious action? Behold the video, true believers!

Words fail to describe just how glorious a piece of work that is. Bigtime props to Anthony Le for his hard work and cleverness!


Mike C. said...

Anthony is the same guy on those
P90X commercials, too. Good for him!