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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Guillermo del Toro is directing a big-budget adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS!

But that's not all: in addition to being directed by del Toro, At The Mountains of Madness is also being produced by James Cameron!

And... wait for it (like anyone wouldn't be expecting it these days)... it's going to be shot in 3-D!

Mash down here to read more about the news that will send waves of joygasm across legions of geeks throughout the world.

Lovecraft's classic tale of ancient horror in the Antarctic, brought to the screen by the director of Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth, with the pioneer of the most groundbreaking 3-D filmmaking of the modern era on board as producer...

I am totally stoked about this. If it's going to be 3-D it might as well be done right and if it's going to be anything at all to do with H.P. Lovecraft well, I can think of nobody better to helm this than Guillermo del Toro.

And let's face it: there are some movies which should be made in 3-D.

And then there are some movies which should not be made in 3-D. And possibly even not made at all...

Truly, Yogi Bear in 3-D is this week's sign that the Apocalypse is upon us.


Anonymous said...

Nothing against Lovecraft, but I think that Yogi Bear thing is a far more terrifying abomination against nature than anything in "At the Mountains of Madness."

Chris Knight said...


I saw that YOGI BEAR trailer and if my faith wasn't so strong, I would probably have yanked my own eyeballs from their sockets before screaming "THERE IS NO GOD!!!"

Anonymous said...

As the father of young kids who like goofy movies, I don't mind Yogi. I don't, however, understand why having Justin Timberlake as Boo-Boo is supposed to be a draw.

- An old friend.

Anonymous said...

By the by,

I've been meaning to ask if you know of i09.com. It seems up your alley Chris.

- an old friend

Chris Knight said...

"An old friend", I've posted stuff from i09.com a few times. It's a great site :-)

And regarding Yogi Bear: perhaps I over-reacted a bit. I think in retrospect what set me off was that it's going to be in THREE-DEE.

That, and Boo-boo alrady reminds me too much of Scrappy Doo from the live-action Scooby Doo movie (which some people are still in therapy over...)

Chris Knight said...

And by the way, "an old friend"...

I have grown increasingly curious as to who you might be. Part of me wants to know. And part of me is also thinking "let it remain something to puzzle you Chris".

You've said you're a father of small children. That could mean... well, a whole bunch of people that I know.

You are quite an enigma. But hey, what is life without a little mystery? :-P