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Friday, July 09, 2010

"Weird Al" Yankovic and me!

Hey gang, just blew back into town after being gone for a few days. Take a looksee at who I met last night in Knoxville...

None other than "Weird Al" Yankovic himself!! We were at his concert at the Historic Tennessee Theatre and got to hang around after the show. Folks I cannot possibly begin to tell you how off-the-chain frenzied awesome a tour Weird Al and his band are doing for 2010. This was the fifth Weird Al concert I've been to since 2000 and it was by far the best yet! It was a nearly sold-out house as people from ages 5 to 75 and everything in between came to enjoy a rousing show! Al and the band went for more than two hours, leaving the stage just long enough to change costumes (during which we were treated to several great Al-produced or otherwise associated video clips, like faux interviews with Celine Dion and Eminem, the "Germs" educational film, etc.)

What did Al perform? It was a solid mix of some of his "classic" stuff like "Eat It", "Fat" (wearing the legendary Fat suit), "Another One Rides the Bus" and others but also a bunch of his newer material like "CNR" and "Craigslist" from Al's Internet Leaks collection (note to Prince: the Internet is NOT "finished"! That so many last night were singing along to music that hasn't even been released on physical media yet is plenty enough testament that for those savvy like Weird Al, the Internet is still the future of music entertainment!). What I keep thinking of most though is Al's performance of "Wanna B Ur Lover". The dude got out into the crowd, was walking on top of seats and serenading numerous lucky(?) audience members. It was great!

And then for an encore Al and the band came out in Jedi Knight costumes while a dozen or so members of the 501st Legion accompanied them dressed in full Imperial Stormtrooper armor in addition to Boba Fett, a guy in a Bossk costume (whoever made that, props to you!) and a fully-functioning Artoo-Detoo. Then Al did "The Saga Begins" and the show ended as always with Al and the band doing "Yoda"... which included the longest and most crazy choreographed Yoda Chant I've ever seen them do.

"Weird Al" Yankovic and his talented crew are touring now and if at all possible you simply must catch them! I came from 6 hours away to see this show and it was well worth it! Mash down here for Weird Al's official website and see where the 2010 Tour is coming next!


Megan said...

Weird Al rules!