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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The ______Act of___ passed by U.S. Senate

That's it. I've had it. Throw the whole sorry lot of 'em out. ALL of them. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. Show them no quarter.

And whoever among our legislators were so irresponsible in voting for this, should have the word "STOOPID" branded into their foreheads so that the rest of humanity will know to steer clear of them forevermore amen.

Call it "The Law With No Name" (sounds like Mr. Smith Goes To Washington directed by Sergio Leone). Nancy Pelosi has brought the House of Representatives back into session for an emergency vote on a bill that, well nobody has any idea what the hell is in this thing. And the Senators who approved it didn't even bother to give it a proper name. It's officially listed as "The ______Act of___".

And if you ask me, this bill is a ________ pile of bull____.

Click on over to Slashdot to read more about this... thing.

(Obviously, the question arises as to whether this bill was read aloud in the Senate... or if it was even read at all.)


Danny de Gracia, II said...

Lol. I just now saw this. I can tell you how that's possible.

Basically what happens is it's commonplace in legislation to introduce the initial draft with blanks in various places to be "appropriately designated" later on because it depends on something else changing or something else that's pending.

All amendments to bills have to be introduced and voted upon either in committee or on the floor, and due to the high volume of bills they run through, sometimes they cut corners and pass stuff just to pass it in the hope that the next committee will clean it up and sometimes (a lot of times) stuff falls through the cracks, so it does happen that weird things pass with blanked out things still in the bill :)

You should see some of the bills I've written and passed! I've set effective dates on Captain Kirk's birthday!