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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BACK TO THE FUTURE timeline chart... and two graphs that (might) help ya understand INCEPTION!

A substantial majority of my two or three regular readers (yeah looking at you Ed and Eric) are hardcore fans of Back to the Future and its two sequels. Well, all that mucking around with history can be a pain to keep up with for some people, so a smart dude named Sean Mort has put together a terrific timeline chart of the Back to the Future saga, taking into account the events of all eight different timelines! Seriously, I had no idea there were so many until I saw how Sean put it all into proper perspective. I'm gonna print this out to have handy when the Blu-ray set comes out in a few months.

And with Inception still going strong at the box office, plenty of people might still be trying to figure out its labyrinthine structure. Cinema Blend has put together a great illustrated guide to the five levels of Inception's plot. And an artist calling himself "dehas" has come through with an Escher-esque "Inception Infographic" that has already become widely popular as a reference guide to the movie. Check 'em out... but do beware of spoilers if you ain't seen the movie yet.

(Same goes for that Back to the Future chart... but if you haven't seen those movies yet, what the heck is wrong with you?!?)


Eric W. said...

Fascinating. I absolutely loved this. I can't wait for the blu-ray release.
You know, I never knew Biff DIED in TL 4 after coming back from 1955. I wondered why he had, what seemed like a heart attack, but it gave no indication he DIED,did it?

Lee Shelton said...

I can't remember if I ever asked you this, but have you seen Primer? As a filmmaker you would appreciate it.

If you have seen it, you'll want to check out The Primer Universe. If you haven't seen it, then don't click that link until you have! :)

Chris Knight said...

Eric, older Biff dying was something that I think was explained in a scene that wound up deleted. Maybe it'll be in the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray set? Hope so, if it was filmed :-)

Lee: PRIMER is an absolutely FASCINATING movie!! I've only watched it 3 times though, when it probably takes at least 30 to really understand it, LOL! Didn't know about that website though. Thanks!! :-)