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Monday, August 16, 2010

HE DID IT!! Heang Uy completes epic bike ride across America

On June 23rd, Heang Uy departed from Cannon Beach on the coast of Oregon on his bicycle. He's been pedaling ever since.

Two day ago and 3,578 miles later...

...Heang arrived at Folly Beach, South Carolina!

Here's Heang's account of reaching the finish line for his amazing journey.

Congratulations Heang! You were always uber-kewl in my book, and this accomplishment puts me in awe of you even more bro :-)


AfterShock said...

Kudos to you Heang on such an amazing journey! Excellent to hear that you safely made it across the USA!

Mike C. said...

Two Days???? This guy is a monster!

Chris Knight said...

LOL!! I should have re-worded that. I wouldn't dare touch it now though :-P

But several years ago there was a guy somewhere who was planning on bicycling across the country in 48 hours! His plan involved having big trucks driving in front of him to "break up" the air so there'd be much less wind resistance. I don't think he got too far with it...

...but if there's anybody who could do something like that, Heang could :-)