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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Told y'all this was coming: glasses-free 3D television!

Two months ago I discussed some reasons why I wasn't particularly led to jump aboard the 3D television fad just yet. The most prominent among them was my understanding that we could fairly soon expect 3D teevee technology that worked without those clunky glasses (which many are now saying not only induce headaches but are just a plain ol' nuisance to deal with).

Welcome to the future.

Toshiba is set to be the first manufacturer to roll out glasses-free 3D television, according to news site Breitbart citing a Japanese newspaper. The electronics and entertainment giant "has developed a new system that emits a number of rays of light with various angles from the screen so that viewers can see stereoscopic images without glasses". It's added that "People can enjoy images in three dimensions from various positions and suffer less stress."

If true, this will be the big breakthrough that leads to large-scale adoption of 3D television. The first of these sets are reported to be going on sale before Christmas and retailing for several thousands of dollars. Give it a few years' time and this kind of stuff will likely be more standard than not.

See? This blog just saved y'all several hundreds if not thousands of bucks!! :-)


Marco van Bergen said...

I have already seen it in 2008. Philips developed it and had this stand at the IBC 2008. So I saw it there. It looked great. But they cancelled production/development bc it was too expensive (actually because they wanted others to take the risk first).

AfterShock said...

I can't wait! After learning of all the (hidden) costs associated with the glasses-based 3D tech, and after hearing about the new Nintendo 3DS (uses similar non-glasses tech), I couldn't care less about the current-gen 3D TVs...

We'll see where the tech is in a couple years and if they are able to get the costs down - we might actually see some decent adoption rates with the tech. :)