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Friday, December 31, 2010

THIS is how to remake HAWAII FIVE-O!

I ain't seen the new Hawaii Five-O series on CBS yet, but I bet it's got nothing on what my lifelong best friend Chad Austin did when he visited the Aloha State a few months ago! Turns out that he's been holding back on me and has been doing some filmmaking of his own: witness this AWESOME spoof of the opening credits from the original Hawaii Five-O series!

Speaking of Chad, I've heard that people who've seen The People vs. George Lucas have really enjoyed his portrayal of George Lucas from our film Forcery (clips of which appear in the award-winning documentary). And Chad swears that he's going to start blogging again soon. Maybe we are witnessing a new cinematographer in the making? :-)


Brian Fesperman said...

Kudos to Chad on this!

I've never watched any of the original series, and I was hesitant to watch the new one, suspicious of YET ANOTHER reboot. I watched a couple episodes, and now I'm hooked. I don't know how it holds up to the original, but in my opinion, it stands well on its own. You ought to check it out!