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Monday, January 10, 2011

I can't believe that I did this...

Premium cable/satellite channel Showtime had a free trial weekend over the past few days.

So I wound up watching, of all things, the movie Twilight and its immediate sequel New Moon.

Ehhhhh... they were okay, I guess. I still don't think that Edward and his kin are real vampires. I mean: they aren't afraid of daytime, they don't sleep in coffins, they aren't repelled by crucifixes or garlic, they don't have actual fangs...

Those aren't vampires. They are, at best, people with severe eating disorders.

(I still think that Anne Rice will always be the master of vampire fiction. Akasha would have incinerated the entire Cullen clan without batting an eyelash... and we all know it! :-)


Anonymous said...

I like the vampires that Laurell K. Hamilton writes about as well. Jean Claude and Asher are awesome!