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Monday, January 03, 2011

Overhaul in progress

Pay no attention to... whatever!

EDIT 10:53 p.m. EST: This is the first major-scale monkeying-around that I've done to this blog since 2007. Been tinkering with it most of the day and so far... looks great! Should be easier to navigate from now on (and there's even an "Earlier Posts" link at the bottom, finally!).

I've also been told that it's coming in great on BlackBerry devices. Hopefully other mobile gadgets will display it just as well.

Awright well, comments as always are welcome :-)


North Carolina Beers said...

Looks good on the Android platform.

PapaBear007 said...

It looks great for some poetry on my blog I stumble across a whole notebook of mine that is full of poetry bro.

AfterShock said...

Posting this from my Droid...looks good on it too! :)