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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Be thankful

My dear readers,

I was told that Tim Scales was at a meeting of the school board on Friday night. Everyone that I've spoken to said that he was, as always, full of cheer and good humor and... just full of life.

And then, yesterday morning at the Food Lion that he worked at, he collapsed and died. One member of the board tonight said that everyone is still in deep shock about Tim's passing.

People, I have asked you for prayer recently. I thank you for that. But tonight, I want to ask something else of you...

Whatever you have, whoever you have in your life, whatever blessings God has given you: Please, be thankful for them.

Don't stop being thankful. And if you've never told a person that you are thankful for him or her being in your life... well, what are you waiting for?? DO IT!!

Tonight I am thankful for having come to know Tim Scales. I am thankful for Mom and Dad. I am thankful for Chad and Ed and Eric and Steven and Michelle and Ashton and Jenna and Ashley and James and Brian and Bethany and... well, a lot of people that I want to be given opportunity to look them in the eye and say:

"Hey, I'm thankful for you."

Life is too short. Too short to be anything but grateful and appreciate what God has blessed each of us with.

To those that I don't see much of anymore: I am thankful for you too. And, I pray that I can see you again and tell you that. Because you deserve to hear it if only from one person.

Thank you.