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Thursday, February 03, 2011


The idea hit a few days ago: as well as writing about having bipolar disorder as part of this blog's Being Bipolar series, that I could also do video entries as a supplement to the written material.

So today I went out and got a webcam and... well, here's the first one!

I intend to also record myself if/when a bipolar episode hits, and post the unedited footage of me talking about what it's like.

Expect more videos soon!


Pastor Rick said...

There's some funny video scrambling at the beginning and you should do something about the window behind you. Otherwise it's great! You are doing a good work Chris. And break a leg on Gypsy!

In Christ's love,

Chris Knight said...

I don't know what happened at the beginning. The video was recorded with the software that came with the camera and was *supposed* to have uploaded straight to YouTube from there. But the upload failed! So I converted the original WMV file to M4V with Handbrake (VERY neat video utility, it's what I used to rip DVDs and Blu-rays for my iPod) and uploaded that via YouTube's page instead. MUCH smaller file size but still looks good... except for that at the start. I'm gonna play around with it.

And yeah, the lighting was *horrid*. I'm going to work on that too. I hope this doesn't reflect *too* badly on my skillz as a videographer :-P

And thanks!

God bless,

Chris Knight said...

BTW, I'll be getting an iPad soon (I've been waiting to get one since last year 'cuz I figured the second version would be MUCH better and apparently it will be :-) and I plan on doing some video blogging with it "in the field". There may be some Being Bipolar entries made with it as well.

(For everyone who has dropped their jaws in disbelief over the years about "Chris YOU don't have a laptop?!", the iPad is what it took to finally get me to invest in one. I *love* its simplicity, not like a regular laptop at all. I worked on *way* too many of those monstrosities over the years and I just don't like 'em one bit!! But the iPad? Oh yeah baby!! :-)

Marc said...

"Chris YOU don't have a laptop?!"

Chris without a laptop I can believe. Without a lightsaber, I cannot believe.