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Thursday, February 17, 2011

BEING BIPOLAR: Video Log 5: Hyper-Manic Episode #1b


Wendy Marson said...

I found your series last week. I've watched every video and Chris my heart aches for you. I know it has to hurt you; seeing you break down about the hurt you didn't want to cause others especially your wife. I like what you said in this one; that you are using your pain to make the world better. You are doing that and God will bless you for it and He will restore unto you your joy. I know its hard to see that now but it will come. I know too that you are helping others to have that joy when they might not could have had it before. I will be praying for you too my brother in Christ!

Chris Knight said...

A few days ago, a friend who I hadn't heard from in many years wrote to me. And he said something that was both extremely simple and yet astonishing in how much hope it has wound up giving me.

He said, "Chris, God is still writing your story."

I can't articulate well enough the sense of optimism that I have felt, since fully comprehending what that means and how wonderful it is.

Someone else told me a long time ago that the word "history" is really "His story". And His story is one in which we are all characters, in the grandest drama of all.

Knowing that my tale is being penned by the one true Author, and that into His hands have I committed its telling and where it will go... and that I don't have to worry about where it will go, that He is in control of the story no matter how bad it all too often seems...

It is something that I can't help but find joy about :-)

Anonymous said...

I have bipolar. I am 22. I was diagnosed with bipolar 4 years ago. Your posts about being bipolar are helping me to understand my disease and they are helping me help my family and friends to understand it. Thank you and God bless.