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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Meet the proprietor of the Wichita House of Burlesque!

He's cheap! He's sleazy! He's loud!

He's... Cigar!

Just got back from another technical rehearsal for Theatre Guild of Rockingham County's production of Gypsy. This was my first in costume as Cigar: the owner of the burlesque joint that Louise and her crazy mother (and Herbie, can't forget poor Herbie) wind up at. And I am having a fantabulously great time in the role! Cigar is one of the most fun characters that I've played yet!

By the way, that entire costume is something that I put together. The fedora is one I've had for a few years now. And that bow-tie: I remembered that bow-tie very well 'cuz for this fourth grade program we did at Community Baptist School many years ago, Dad for whatever reason thought it would be classy if I wore a bow-tie. That thing was positively humungous when I was nine years old! Everyone in the sanctuary - students and teachers alike - were giggling at it. And that made me start giggling when it came time for me to speak my part! Ahhh, where do our fathers come up with such things...

Anyway, for some reason that tie just popped into mind and Dad found it sure 'nuff. And between that and the fedora and the cigar and all... yeah, that looks like a burlesque owner from the 1930s :-)

Gypsy opens this coming Friday night! Come if you can. This threatenspromises to be the most outrageous production in Rockingham County history!


gwen said...

After the bipolar post this was the best next post. You look terrific! I want to see Gypsy but I'm 600 miles away.

Chris Knight said...

Unless you're in the blizzard-hit region, don't let distance stop you from seeing the show! Hey, it's cheaper than Spider-Man, it's BETTER than Spider-Man... and the way this production has been going there's more chance of accident and injury than Spider-Man too!! :-P

And thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the bowtie!

Chris Knight said...

It's growing on me. Maybe I should wear a bowtie more often...?