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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tragic day for our culture

Before today, Elvis Presley held the record for most singles on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, since it began keeping track of the most popular since in 1958. The King of Rock and Roll boasts 108 entries on the list.

But now, no more. Elvis has been dethroned by something that has 113 singles on Billboard's Hot 100.

Y'know... this is the kind of thing that typified the decay and fall of the Roman Empire, when you think about it.

What has the most singles to make the top one hundred?

Fox's hit show Glee: which has not produce even ONE original song! They've all been covers and "redone" versions of original songs by real musical artists!

(No, I haven't watched Glee except for this season's Christmas episode. But too many trusted sources have told me that it's true: ALL of Glee's songs are re-recordings of songs that were first done by serious musicians.)

I thought that remakes of classic movies were bad enough. This is... worse, far worse, somehow.