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Monday, February 07, 2011

Two upcoming new features on The Knight Shift

As if the Being Bipolar series wasn't enough: I'm about to put even more on this blog on a regular basis!

(Maybe it has something to do with the recent redesign of this place, that it's just demanding lots of new content...? :-)

The first is something that I've had in mind since Christmas, and is coming out of some necessity but also I think it'll be a lot of fun: Movies I've Never Seen! It's like this: my DVR is fast filling up with stuff that I've recorded from TCM and some other channels. And I haven't seen them yet. Like, not ever. Even though most of these are movies that I've heard of all my life! Well, I'm going to begin watching them, and posting reviews of them here. Expect that to start up sometime this week.

And then, there is something that... is going to be quite different.

It's like this: for awhile now I have been wondering if, well... I should perhaps consider going into ministry.

(Feel free to laugh at that. I don't mind. I find myself chuckling a little at it myself :-)

I could literally write thousands of words expounding upon that notion and why it is in my head and why I am entertaining both doubt and un-doubt about it.

Well, it occurred to me over the weekend that... maybe I should "try out" a bit what that would mean.

So beginning this coming Sunday... and I don't know what this will be about, 'cuz I really am just waiting for God to show me... there will be A Sermon A Week. And each Sunday for the next year, Lord willing, I will be posting a "sermon" (actually just a glorified essay) for anyone who might come across it.

To me anyway, that is gonna be much more interesting than Movies I've Never Seen. And hey, who knows: God might lead me to write a message based in some part on one of the films that I'm about to watch.

Well, like I said: Lord willing, this will be going on for the next year. And if I stumble and fall and fail to measure up to that goal well... I'll have tried. And I'll no doubt have learned something along the way (which itself will make this worth doing). But I really am going to aspire to go the whole way.

So then, expect the first chapter of Movies I've Never Seen in a few days and A Sermon A Week this coming Sunday! :-)