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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Gasoline now $3.45 in most places here

"Here" being Reidsville, North Carolina and the surrounding area.

It will likely hit $4 per gallon or thereabouts by the end of the week. And this month might end with it averaging $5 a gallon, depending on how the situation in Libya goes.

I haven't said anything about Libya yet on this blog. But for those who are curious: I don't see any good outcome. Kadaffi (or however you spell his name and I've heard there are about a hundred English translations) is a nutcase and a half enforcing his private little fantasy world with lots of guns and missiles and probably chemical weapons... but if he goes down in what can only be called civil war at this point, look for the Muslim Brotherhood-type that we just saw running the show in the Egyptian revolt to take charge.

And then things start to get interesting.

(I would also - not to put too fine a point on it - advise keeping an eye on Saudi Arabia in the near future.)

Two other factors that are ramping-up the price of fuel: the official stance by the executive branch of the United States federal government to disprove of increased deep-water drilling. And, something that I've talked about a few times already on this blog: that this country needs more oil refineries. That is more a bottleneck than most people realize, but there haven't been any new refineries built in quite some time. Without that, whatever increased petroleum production we might have becomes a moot thing.

I'm due to take a trip early next month. It'll be a long drive. Here's hoping that the pumps between here and yonder won't be seven bucks and change. The way things are going now, I wouldn't doubt it.


Anonymous said...

Same price here, it is getting rediculous. Celery has reached 2.79 for one stalk. It will only get worse. Time to learn how to grow your own before the government takes that away also.

Chris Knight said...

Last week I finished reading ATLAS SHRUGGED. It was the very first time in my entire life that I had read that book and now I'm finding myself wishing that I had read it much, much earlier. I'd known the general story and the ideas behind it for a long time though. In fact it was well over ten years ago that I read Francisco's "money speech" and found it resonating intensely with my own beliefs.

I found ATLAS SHRUGGED to be many things that I am still pondering. But among others, I thought that this book was... a comedy.

A tragic comedy, though. The part where Kip Chalmers effectively hijacks Taggart Transcontinental so he can get to his destination faster (with DISASTROUS results), I found myself re-reading that entire section at least four or five more times.

But on top of it all, I found myself pissed-off ANGRY during and after reading ATLAS SHRUGGED. This is a book that came out fifty-four years ago and Ayn Rand was warning us all along about the course this country has taken. "Stimulus packages"? Socialized spending? Outrageously high taxes?

The United States of America has become the Comet, and we don't seem to mind or even notice that it's the way wrong engine pulling us toward the Taggart Tunnel.

I gotta say though: if the Lord ever blesses me with a daughter, I am now thinking that "Dagny" would be a beautiful and awesome name for her :-)

PapaBear007 said...

my aynomus friend look S510 and you will have answer.

kingthorin said...

Wow that's really upsetting $3.45/3.785L = $0.91/L .... I could only wish gas was soooooo freakin cheap.

If you can't bear $3.45/Gal then don't move to Canada, on my way in to work today gas was $1.20/L ($4.54/Gal).