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Monday, March 21, 2011

I said that I was serious

Most people took me at my word but there were some who said that I was "crazy", one even said "Chris this should make you happy".

No, I'm not. Nothing about this has brought me one iota of "happy". To those who have thought such a thing: there is something very, VERY wrong with you and I do pray that you consider what the @&$# it is that you are saying. Because as I said last time, I would NEVER wish this on ANYBODY.

A little over a week ago this blog passed along the news that Johnny Robertson has been diagnosed with colon cancer. This afternoon two phone calls and a bunch of e-mails have come in with an update...

Johnny Robertson's cancer is now at stage 3. That's the point where the tumor's growth is well advanced and begun to metastasize.

I am being told that Mr. Robertson's chances at recovering from this are not as well as anyone would appreciate. And that apparently he is due for emergency surgery on Wednesday.

This shouldn't need to be said, but I guess somebody has to...

It rains on the just and the unjust alike. And there is NOT ONE OF US who is alive on this earth, but for the grace of God. NOT ONE!!! And if anyone reading my words are somehow feeling glib about Johnny Robertson's condition then... whatever he has done, someone who is feeling that way toward him right now is far, FAR sicker in mind and soul!!

It's not left to us to judge the condition of another's soul. That is not something that any of us in this world are qualified for. And yes, I know: Robertson and his followers judge others constantly. They are... well, they have a reputation (and that's all that I'm going to say about their activities at this time).

Put that aside. All of it. Don't let that come between any of us and the better angels of our nature.

This is not an occasion for spite. This is an occasion for faith and for humility and for prayer. And yes: this is an occasion for love. Love just as Christ loved us first.

So I'm now reiterating what I asked for over a week ago: Please put aside whatever else you feel toward Mr. Robertson, and hold him up in prayer. Ask God to bring him healing. Ask God to bring the peace which surpasses all understanding to him and his family.

Johnny, if you are reading this: you are being prayed for. No doubt by many people that you would be genuinely surprised to know are doing that for you. And we're not going to stop holding you up in our thoughts and prayers.

And if anybody doesn't like that, well... tough!


Anonymous said...

Chris I will say amen and that I will be praying for Johnny.