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Sunday, March 27, 2011

President Nixon in a DOCTOR WHO teaser!

"There are no monsters in the Oval Office."
Last season I didn't post a single review of any Doctor Who episodes. That was all my fault: had some things I was dealing with at the time and couldn't commit to giving this show the respect that it deserves.

So... what do I think of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor? He's become my favorite incarnation of the Doctor since the series was revived in 2005... and right up there with Tom Baker's and Jon Pertwee's versions as my all-time favorite Doctor ever. Smith has been a sheer hoot to watch in action! And this past season was the best yet since Doctor Who was brought back into production. Steven Moffat has not disappointed since taking over as showrunner.

The next season begins on Easter weekend. Supposedly this season will see the return of the Daleks, the return of the original Cybermen (not those mass-produced ones from the alternate timeline), an episode written by Neil Gaiman, and the first-ever Doctor Who episode filmed in the United States.

And it looks like Moffat and his crew are gonna play the American angle to the hilt. Check out this "prequel teaser", featuring President Richard Nixon talking on the Oval Office phone with a voice that is sinister, childlike and... familiar?

"The Impossible Astronaut", the first episode of the new season, airs on April 23rd on the BBC and BBC America! Time to start making room on my DVR :-P


Si said...

American Interest in Doctor Who last season - and it was considerable! - made the BBC realise they had to synchronise broadcast days BBC America to BBC1.

The demand for the show in the states is another reason why they so keen to film in the US, its a nod to the fans for their in your neck of the woods.

Chris Knight said...

Doctor Who is HUGE over here! Well it has been as long as I can remember... and I cam remember quite far back, LOL :-) The public television stations across the country used to run episodes on Saturday afternoons here. Most of them were from the Tom Baker era: that's why he's the most recognized Doctor of the bunch on this side of the pond. I'd say that the proportion of Americans who know what a Dalek is, isn't quite up there with our Brittish brethren... but it's darn close :-)

Si said...

Chris, you should have corrected my abysmal grammar :) Bloody awful!

Matt Smith has been on the whole very well received in the UK as Doctor Who, he's perfect for the role, an inspired choice. His only problem is a lot of fans haven't given him a chance because they were only watching the show for David Tennant. Hardly real fans in my book. I don't think the Daleks are making an appearance this season Chris from what Moffatt has said. The Cybermen do appear to be making a retun though, hopefully we've seen the last of those alternative Cybermen. 80s Cybermen rule!

Drew M said...

Here's a one minute trailer!