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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Gone to ActionFest in Asheville!

"The Film Festival With A Body Count" is back... BIGGER AND BADDER AND BLOODIER THAN EVER!

Yes faithful readers, in a short while I shall depart home for a few days and drive out into the dusk for the mountains of North Carolina. Destination: Asheville. The reason? the second-ever ActionFest! The inaugural festival last year was a huge success (here's the after-carnage report that I posted) and this year is gonna be even more honkin' sweet! It all kicks off tomorrow night, April 7th with Ironclad: a hack 'n slash epic set against the signing of the Magna Carta and starring Paul Giamatti, James Purefoy, Brian Cox, Jason Flemyng.

And what else is playing at ActionFest? How about... Hobo With A Shotgun!

And Friday night at midnight... because this is soooo a movie that must be seen at midnight on the big screen... it's none other than Black Dynamite!

I am purposefully going in fairly blind to what's scheduled, 'cuz I wanna replicate the delight and discovery that I had at last year's ActionFest. Anyhoo, my filmmaking partner "Weird Ed" Woody and I will be there together and if you wanna hang out with us, shoot me an e-mail at theknightshift@gmail.com and we'll hook up or something!

And just like last year, I'll be Twitter-ing from the festival, so feel free to follow the action from your desktop or laptop or smartphone or iPad or whatever. But don't be content to follow it at all 'cuz... YOU OUGHTTA BE AT ACTIONFEST!!

More regular blogging when I return in a few days. In the meantime, try to behave y'all :-)


actionmoviefreak said...

I would love to read what you thought of Hobo With A Shotgun

Chris Knight said...

Working on my write-up even now! And I'm gonna have LOTS to say about Hobo With A Shotgun!! :-)