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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just watched the DOCTOR WHO season premiere, "The Impossible Astronaut"

Okay, that was off the chain, folks!

The first ever episode of Doctor Who to be filmed in the United States (the show began in November 1963) had Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor ummm... killed by a spacesuit-clad assailant before the horrified eyes of Amy, Rory and River Song, in the middle of American desert. Then a stranger (played by William Morgan Sheppard, who's done a lot of great work over the years) shows up with a can of gasoline for the Doctor's body to be given a makeshift Viking funeral.

Then the scene shifts to a roadside diner and the Doctor coming out of the men's room looking fine and dandy.

Then the Doctor and crew flew the TARDIS to the Oval Office of President Richard Milhous Nixon in 1969.

And for reasons which are not immediately clear, President Nixon has been getting a mysterious phone call from a child every night for the past two weeks.

Are we suitably confused enough yet?!?

Steven Moffat continues to amaze in this, his second season as Doctor Who showrunner. Lots of references to previous stories, without it feeling like any prior knowledge was in order. Heck, I could see how "The Impossible Astronaut" would be as fine a diving board as any for those who haven't yet jumped into the Whoniverse.

The two-part premiere continues next week with "Day of the Moon". Looking forward to it but in the meantime, "The Impossible Astronaut" gets the full five Sonic Screwdrivers from this reviewer! :-)


Lee Shelton said...

It's waiting for me on the DVR. Really looking forward to this season.

Anonymous said...

This was a great episode. My only critique is Moffat killing the Doctor in the beginning... we knew he would not be dead! Yet, I do hope that it will be used as one of the overarching mysteries of the season.

I did enjoy the Silents (I think that's what they are called...) they are terribly horrifying!!! They remind me a lot of the Weeping Angels, which are in my top 5 monsters of Doctor Who.

I am definitely excited for this season.

(By the way, I just clicked on the "next blogger" option and found your page. You don't know me. haha)

Chris Knight said...

"You don't know me. haha"

I do now!! :-P

Thanks for visiting! Hope you will come back again :-)

Si said...

Rewatch the Episode called the Lodger from last season, as well as featuring the same console there is an odd moment in the dialogue with Amy where she shouts "Hey" but then seems to forget why.

I loved the 1st episode of the new season, I have very high hopes. It also please me to know you guys in the states are getting your fix the same day as us - albeit time delayed granted.