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Friday, May 13, 2011

BEING BIPOLAR: Video Log 9 - Lonely

Making a new video supplement wasn't something that I'd had in mind to do late last night, but... just had some things on my mind that I felt led to share.

This is the first Being Bipolar video that I've made with my iPad. Still playing around with figuring everything out, but that's why the aspect ratio is more vertical than horizontal with this segment. Next time I'll know better :-)


Rebecca Kellam said...

No picture! Or is the whirly twirly thingy the picture? ;) Just kdding. Listen, Keep doing what you're doing. God has forgiven you. People may or may not. Don't waste God's forgiveness for you with holding onto mere mortals' inability to forgive. Keep your eternal focus. This world is NOT your home Chris, that's what makes things so difficult at tmes. We weren't made for this world. Love you and praying still. (And I'm looking forward to heaven--and seeing you there).