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Friday, May 20, 2011

First picture of Tom Hardy as Bane in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

The official site for The Dark Knight Rises has gone online and much like the gradual reveal of Heath Ledger's Joker during the lead-up to The Dark Knight a few years ago, the Warner Bros. marketing team has left it to the fans to figure out how to get their first glimpse at the next Batman movie's big villain.

But those industrious folks at ComingSoon.net got to it first. Here's the first official look at Tom Hardy as Bane!

Well, he doesn't have the tubes running to the back of his skull for the Venom drug... but I can definitely dig this being Bane. Hardy looks the part without the mask being "Gimp"-y at all.

Maybe this'll be the final nail in the coffin of the bad memories still lingering from Batman & Robin... :-P


Micah said...

It also the final nail in the coffin of Tom Hardy in Star Trek Nemesis! That's all I got.

snowboardgamer said...

hopefully he has the brains he should in this one...looks promising tho they cant screw it up like batman and robin

Employment Experts said...

It's obvious from the last two films that Nolan knows his stuff and that Ledger's Joker will never be eclipsed, but come on man, only the Catwoman (Anne Hathaway)? What about the Riddler or Penguin? Give me a baddy I'm familiar with.

Chris Knight said...

Bane has already become, if not a "classic" Batmn villain then certainly one of the most capable and dangerous among Batman's rogues gallery. But I hear ya. Nolan wants realism... but he could definitely get Penguin to work if he wanted to :-)