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Monday, May 02, 2011

Fox 8's The Buckley Report follows up on me BEING BIPOLAR

Just before this past Christmas, Bob Buckley from Fox 8 WGHP interviewed me for a segment of the Emmy-winning The Buckley Report, dealing with my coming out about having bipolar disorder on this blog. Here's the link to that first story. A couple'o weeks ago he and Fox 8 photojournalist Chris Weaver (who also has an Emmy notched on his belt!) came back and filmed a follow-up story about the direction that I've taken since then: the Being Bipolar series, and the video supplements that I've used to chronicle and document what it's like to have a bipolar episode.

Well, it just aired on this evening's Fox 8 News 10:00 News and lo and behold it's already on the Fox 8 website!

Here's the direct link to the segment.

And look! Embeddable video thingy!


Good job Bob and Chris! Hope that this snags y'all another Emmy or two :-)


Mandy said...

YES! Chris I have fought bipolar my entire adult life and just so glad that someone is doing this to show what it's like. Thank you for helping people understand that we aren't crazy and we are good people who can't help suffering from a disease. Thank you for doing this!

Brian said...

Can you help us?


God Bless....
And yes i agree. Good job bob and chris

AfterShock said...

This was another excellent segment by Fox 8! Glad I was finally able to take some time to watch it! :)

Chris - keep fighting the good fight and enlightening all around to see that this is not something to ignore and/or laugh about.