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Saturday, May 21, 2011

I heard that Rapture is today...

...and I can't wait to finally load up on plasmids!

Huh? What's that?! You mean... it's not THAT Rapture, but instead the other kind?!?!?


Dear Mr. Harold Camping: "Would you kindly..." stop with this nonsense? We are told in the Bible that no one but the Father in Heaven knows when the end of days will come. This shouldn't be anything we're meant to be concerned with anyway. In his epistles to the Thessalonians, the apostle Paul taught that we are to occupy with the business of living for Christ, and not be swept up in this sort of fear-mongering.

Yes, I look forward also to the return of our Lord and Savior. And I do believe that He is coming again. How? Because I believe that He came the first time. The path that I took to my faith in Christ, it's not one I can honestly wish for anyone to find themselves on, because I couldn't find it within myself to believe without seeing. Indeed, I consider my own faith to be inferior to that of most of those who God has blessed my life with.

In the end, it came down to this: the historical record of the life of Jesus Christ, is something that I cannot deny. He came before and I cannot doubt that He will come again.

And I wish that He would come soon. I do want to be reunited with so many loved ones that have departed already. I long for the reunion and renewal of too many relationships that have gone by the wayside, that I see now will have to await the presence of Christ for that healing.

I don't know the date that He will come. And I am extremely doubtful that He will come this day. But I do know that He will come, in the Father's due time.

Until then, there is much left for us who follow Him. We are to show His love, His light, His life within us to the world around us. We aren't called to a spirit of fear and cowering, but of hope!

I can wait for His arrival. In the meantime, there's plenty to keep ourselves busy with.


Danny de Gracia, II said...

It's obvious that the mainstream corporate media knew Camping was a crazy man and they hyped and gave attention to him specifically to discredit and smear legitimate churches and evangelists. This makes me so mad every time I see or hear people mocking Jesus, mocking the Gospel, mocking even faith in "a" God using the strawman argument of Camping which was built up on purpose to be torn down. False flag! Sheep dip operation! PsyOp at its best!

Chris Knight said...

I think Camping brought a lot of this on all on his own. He and his followers spent MILLIONS of dollars on publicity for a Rapture which didn't happen. If it had been a preacher in a small storefront church with a dozen followers doing the same, there would have been NO reason to have given this kind of attention.

Camping bet it all on this, and he lost.

But I do have to admit that the derision in the press about this, has been much more vicious than anything remotely like this that I can recall. Some of the "professional" journalism I've been reading and watching, has veered from objective reporting into full-bore contempt for Christianity as a whole. And that, has troubled me in a way that I've been unable to quite put a finger upon.

All the more reason then for those of us who follow Christ to, NOT to mock the Rapture or even those who are responsible for this spectacle, but instead to remind others that we don't and CAN'T know when our Lord will return. If that can be done with a bit of tactful humor, I don't see any problem with that. It demonstrates that we know we are fallen and need the grace of God... and that we can laugh at ourselves if we have to :-)

Danny de Gracia, II said...

The whole event was a sheep dip. It would be like me running for Congress as a Democrat and saying wildly nutty things and then Libertarians use that as a false flag to discredit all Democrats as a bloc. There's no way any normal person can take seriously a guy like Camping and yet the media cast him as the Christian flagship. It's a total PsyOp hit job. Even the "Miss Me Yet" Bush billboards didn't get this much publicity.

Anonymous said...

"Danny de Gracia, II said..."

So you're saying CBS, CNN, FOX, etc got together and formulated a joint plan to discredit Christians by using said nut-job as an example of mainstream Christianity. Just checking.

Chris Knight said...

To Anonymous:

I highly doubt there was ever a "conspiracy" per se, to discredit Christianity.

Loathing and spite have never needed conspiracy. Only opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it too. I also doubt that Christians are "loathed" by the media in general. I think that was what DdG2 was referencing. It was an interesting story about a fruitcake, nothing more. The demand for news these days puts undo emphasis on lots of things that don't merit the attention.

Chris Knight said...

You will most certainly get no argument from me there! :-)