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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

High school Padawans celebrate ascendance to Jedi Knighthood with cafeteria lightsaber sparring match!

And their mad skillz with the legendary Star Wars weaponry garnered wild applause for Tom Costello and Ryan Angco! Unfortunately while their classmates were thrilled with the mock combat, the principal of Westfield High School in Massachusetts - perhaps seduced by the Dark Side - suspended seniors Tom Costello and Ryan Angco and declared that they wouldn't participate with their classmates at graduation!

But thanks to a groundswell of support from a Facebook group, Principal Raymond K. Broderick has turned back to the Light Side and rescinded the suspensions, so Tom and Ryan get to walk at graduation and get their sheepskins after all.

Here's the story from WHDH and here's the report from WWLP...

This story gives me a new hope that ridiculous "zero tolerance" policies will once and for all be thrown over the railing and into the abyss where they belong! Principal Broderick, my hat's tipped to you for doing the right thing and Tom and Ryan: good luck and God bless you as you graduate and move on to bigger and better things! :-)