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Friday, July 01, 2011

Ten best Tom Hanks movies

With his new film (co-starring Julia Roberts) Larry Crowne opening today, it's a great time to reflect upon the career of Tom Hanks: easily among the very most varied and versatile actors in cinema history. Over at Tailgate365, good friend T.J. Lee has compiled an EXCELLENT list of what many will agree are Hanks' top ten movies. Hanks has had a very interesting journey from the days of Family Ties and Bachelor Party and Splash and T.J. did a great job with this retrospective of it all. I'm glad that three of my favorite movies ever (Apollo 13, The Green Mile and Forrest Gump) made the list. Click on over and you'll no doubt find some of your favorites listed also!


Marc said...

I think Road To Perdition was overblown. Doesnt belong here. And Green Mile really wasnt that good. And giving Money Pit and honorable mention? That was a horrible movie. Catch Me if you can really wasnt his movie. Being the FBI agent on the chase didnt give him much to do.

Whats missing from this list is "You've Got Mail" and "That Thing You Do", which are 2 of my favorites.

Lee Shelton said...

Road to Perdition overblown? The Green Mile not that good? Those were two of Hanks's best, in my opinion. I do agree with you on The Money Pit. It's hard to watch. Joe vs. the Volcano should have at least received honorable mention, especially since it was the first pairing of Hanks and Ryan. You've Got Mail was better than Sleepless in Seattle, and That Thing You Do was just plain fun.

Brian said...

This is why there should always be two lists when it comes to Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks' 80's Comedy Movies and Tom Hanks' 90's/00's Dramatic Movies.

There are people that cannot see Hank's in goofy comedic roles because of the past 20 years of serious roles such as Green Mile, Gump ect, and those who can't get passed seeing Joe vs the Volcano in these roles.