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Friday, July 15, 2011

Tucker & Dale versus... YALE?!?

September 30th is when Tucker & Dale vs. Evil - the action-comedy that debuted last year and fast won a mob of loyal fans (including myself) - despite yet having a big release, finally opens wide! And it looks like the desire that I wrote a year ago to see more Tucker & Dale movies is gonna actually happen!

Eli Craig, the director of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is now talking about plans for the sequel, which would see those good ol' boys Tucker and Dale turned loose on the campus at Yale...

"The scenario we have right now is Tucker and Dale go to Yale," Craig told us. "They go to Yale and then all the college kids think they're killers. Mayhem ensues. We have a treatment for it and we're super excited to start writing it."
It could work. But it does sound like it might be getting a bit close to the premise of the original movie (that's all I'm gonna say for sake of those who haven't gotten to enjoy it yet). But after laughing so hard during Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, I'll trust Craig to deliver the goods. Here's hoping that this sequel happens!

Tip o' the hat to Brian Fesperman for passing the link along :-)