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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is it just me...

...or does this photo on the Drudge Report right now of Manhattan getting drenched by Hurricane Irene tonight seriously look like a scene from Blade Runner?

Hope y'all are safe and dry tonight.


Marc said...

After all the hype....everybody in my neighborhood was going crazy in anticipation about this storm. My neighbor across the street stowed away his basketball hoop that had been standing out in front of his property for years. People were tying down their garbager cans with ropes. My next door neighbor cut down alot of the branches on the trees that are on his property, but hangs over mine (we were going to do that by hiring somebody, but this saved us money on hiring a tree service). And all it turned out for us was alot of rain and alot of wind which came to an end this morning. Much ado about nothing. I never bothered. Didnt buy any candles, or batteries, or bottled water. Strange thing did happen though. AFTER the storm had passed, my telephone, internet, and cable tv went out for several hours. Though my electricity remained on. And couldnt access the internet through my cell phone either. So I passed the time away by watching some DVDs (Ozzie and Harriet tv show episodes, and the movie Kill The Irishman).

Marc said...

"look like a scene from Blade Runner?"

Better that then looking like a scene from Escape from New York. :-)