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Thursday, August 04, 2011

My girlfriend dances a wicked Mambo!

Let's finish this day's blogging with a little culture, shall we?

Kristen, my girlfriend, is an absolute fiend for ballroom dancing. That is something that I've known since the very beginning of our relationship. She's already begun teaching me a few things like Rumba, Waltz etc. though it's gonna be awhile before I'm anywhere close to how good she is :-)

But this past weekend was the first time that I really got to see her practice her chosen art... and she completely astounded me with her ability! It's something that was just screaming to be shared on this blog.

So here's Kristen dancing Mambo. And I also recorded her doing a Waltz but my stupid finger was over the iPad's microphone during that performance (d'oh!)...

If y'all are good, maybe next time it'll be a clip of her and me doing a Waltz together ;-)


Marc said...

When will she be going on Dancing With The Stars? :-)

Seriously though, what kind of function was this? And where was it held?

Chris Knight said...

She has certainly danced her way into my heart :-)

This was a "Spotlight" event at the place she takes her dance lessons at. All the students get to do a dance or two. There's a much bigger event in a few months at this posh hotel that she'll be performing at.

I gotta say: EVERYONE was impressive last Saturday night! And Kristen has inspired me to take up ballroom dancing also (if I can overcome having two left feet :-P)