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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Take the weekend off!

For y'all who have e-mailed wondering where I've been: just been busy with stuff on this end.

Come back Monday. There'll start to be plenty more bloggin' then, including (at last) pics and video of the Popcorn Sutton Acoustic Jam last week.

Until then, it's a nice weekend. Go out and play :-)


Marc said...

I was completely unaware that superheroes took the day off. Do you see Superman taking a weekend off? (okay, maybe in Superman II, but you saw the results and he learned his lesson from that). Spiderman? You dont see Spiderman taking a couple days off. Imagine what the world be like if they all took a weekend off. Yu know what chaos youre going to create by taking days off like this? There are worlds to be saved.