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Monday, September 19, 2011

How about a Mister Magoo cartoon?

Couldn't resist sharing this lil' gem that I found a few days ago. Okay yeah it's awesome all on its own. But for me there's whole other significance. You see: this was the very first thing that I watched on a VCR in my own house! It was sort of a "late Christmas present" to ourselves. So on December 31st 1983, I came home from a sleepover at my best friend's place and Dad was hooking the first VCR we ever owned up to the TV, and to try it out he rented a tape with a bunch of Mister Magoo cartoons on it. I think we must have watched that thing over and over half a dozen times before the tape went back to Cobb TV and Stereo Barn (the only place in Reidsville at the time to rent videotapes from) on Monday morning.

So from 1957 here is "Magoo Breaks Par", in which our nearsighted hero (voiced by Jim Backus) thinks he's off to play golf at the Ritzy Vista Country Club... with hilarious results!

Magoo Breaks Par

I've read that there is movement afoot to make all the Mister Magoo theatrical cartoons available on DVD. If so, I'll be the first in line to buy that set :-)


Jason said...

What was in that dark room that Magoo thought was an exercise room? I couldn't see it.

Chris Knight said...

Yeah, it doesn't show up very well in this online clip and I remember that it barely was visible on the VHS tape nearly three decades ago! Hope the eventual DVD release cleans up stuff like this :-)

But in answer to your question...

That's an electric chair in that room, which Magoo thinks is an exercise machine!! :-P

Marc said...

Got news for you.

Shout Factory is coming out with the Mr. Magoo cartoons on DVD in november:


Chris Knight said...

That's the TV show coming to DVD. Not the original UPA theatrical shorts. Still good though... but I want the original 'toons even more :-)