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Monday, September 19, 2011

President Obama wants $1,500,000,000,000 in new taxes

And this is supposed to create new jobs... HOW?!?!?

Read about the insane proposed new taxes here.

And in his speech Obama invoked the words "fair share" to justify the increased taxes on those who make more than a million dollars every year.

Y'know, I'm a far cry from being among the most wealthy people in the country. I'm just a guy whose trying to hack it as best he can. I take a few odd jobs here and there, do some writing and videography. I don't have a "regular job" like most people would consider it (though there is an occuptation which keeps me employed almost 24 hours a day). Believe me when I say this: that I would like nothing more than to be making more money. Not just for myself but to provide for a family when the Lord, if He's willing, lets me have that.

I'm not monetarily wealthy... and I'll be damned if I play along at all with Obama's immoral game of class welfare!

You wanna know what my biggest dream is? It's to make it as a filmmaker and be able to work with the people I care about and to produce EMPLOYMENT for some, where there hadn't been employment before. Think about that: being able to create work that lets others earn money and in turn pursue their own dreams. That's the way it used to be all over this country: there were good-paying jobs that would let anyone put a roof over the family's head and pay the bills and let him or her be free to chase after their own aspirations.

High taxes and class warfare destroys those things. Higher taxes make it increasingly difficult and ultimately impossible for jobs to be created by the private sector. How much of our industry has gone overseas during the past two decades? If it weren't for people who had a lot of money and were able to build factories and fund innovative research with that money, there would have been no industry for a lot of other people to earn money to fund their own opportunities.

And now, President Obama wants to take away even more money from the people who create the jobs.

Why the hell do we keep electing foolish people like this as our leaders?


Scott Bradford said...

But Obama said the last thing you do in a recession is raise taxes, even on the wealthy!

See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aufAtuTwKlE

He wouldn't lie to us, would he?

Marc said...

The real reason the obama administration wants a millionaires tax is because he wants more of tax money to spend and play with. Not to fix what ails our economy. Even IF his true motive was to fix our economy (which it isn't), the problem is not a lack of revenues, but the government being absolutely reckless with the tax revenues they currently do get. Sending more money to Washington would be like giving out matches and gasoline to a convention of arsonists.

Anonymous said...

This is no criticism, but if you are taking odd jobs, you are paying little or no income taxes. That's fine, you don't have the money to pay. People earning over a million are paying at the lowest rate for any time period since the 50s. Who does that leave paying the bills? That would be me. I would appreciate some help from one (or both) ends of the spectrum.

This is a global economic problem, people act like it's confined to US politics. That's naive. The only solution is reduction of expenditures AND revenue increases.