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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Knight Shift Seismic Forecast #2

Less than 24 hours following my most recent post regarding a theory I've been developing about seismic activity, Turkey was hit with a 7.2 earthquake.

In keeping with this blogger's goal of observation and collecting data, I will now state that if there is indeed validity to the theory, that there will be a significant possibility of severe seismic/geological activity within the next three to four weeks of this writing, with a chance of occurring much sooner. That seems to be the window of "opportunity" (for lack of a better word).


Anonymous said...

There will always be significant possibility of severe seismic activity for ANY four week period. Earthquakes over 7.0 occur an average of 15 times per year. I'm doing a study of the possibility of clouds in the sky. I predict significant formation tomorrow.

Chris Knight said...

Well, it can't be said that there hasn't been a right significant INCREASE in major seismic activity of late. This is the fifth time that I've felt led to make such a prognostication this year, based on factors that I've been watching. And each time so far, there's been not just one or two but a number of earthquakes and other geological incidents.

But hey, I'm just a historian by training, not a seismologist :-P

Anonymous said...

7.0 earthquake, Peru today.

Anonymous said...

We had a 4.7 mag quake an hour ago in Oklahoma. Shook me and the wife out of bed!

Anonymous said...

Biggest earthquake in OK history this morning 5.6! We don't get these ever but we got 2 big ones in 1 day. So what's your theory?