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Thursday, November 10, 2011

First track from THE GREATEST MIRACLE score

Good friend of this blog Mike Casteel sent this to me. It's from a movie called The Greatest Miracle, that I had not heard of until a short while ago and I had to do more than the usual amount of Google-ing to find its official website. From its synopsis...
The Great Miracle is an inspiring story which illustrates hope and faith. The story revolves around the lives of three characters which are in crisis:

Monica, a widow and the mother of a nine year old child, doing everything she can to keep her house.

Don Chema, a public transport driver who receives the news of a disease which can eventually lead to the death of his son.

Doña Cata, an adult woman who feels her mission in life has already concluded.

The stories intertwine as they feel a great feeling of being in the Church.

And what they cannot imagine is that something is about to change their lives forever.

It's a 3-D animated movie: the first one that I know about to be produced from a spiritual perspective. And I'm curious enough about it that I'd like to check it out sometime.

Until that happens, here's the first track from its score, composed by Mark McKenzie. And it's a rather beautiful piece! Here it is for your listening enjoyment :-)