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Monday, December 05, 2011

Zoe and Wally are in the first ever I Can Has Cheezburger? daily calendar!

Awright you're probably wondering: Chris who the heck are Zoe and Wally?!

They're my girlfriend's two cats. And two years ago she submitted this wacky photo of the two of them laying on her futon to the popular humor site I Can Has Cheezburger?...

Zoe is the black and white and orange one sitting at the far end, and Wally is the orange dude screaming (or whatever the heck he's doing). And they are now the January 10th featured photo from the I Can Has Cheezburger? 2012 Calendar!

Now available at fine retailers, bookstores and online outlets everywhere!


Kristen said...

Awww! Thanks for posting it... I forgot you were going to do that :) FYI to you readers out there, the same picture/caption was also featured in one of the lolcat books "How To Take Over Teh Wurld."

Ya know... this means that my cats are more famous than I am. Good thing they don't know that :)