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Monday, January 30, 2012

Saw THE ARTIST for the second time yesterday

Is it really that good? Why, yes. Yes it is!

And I think that I enjoyed it even more the second time!

Incidentally, it was literally a sold-out screening yesterday afternoon when we caught The Artist for the second time together. Even knowing what was coming, Kristen and I were still thrilling and reacting to it as if it were last week's showing all over again. It was already my favorite movie from 2011 and the more I see it and think about it, the more it's becoming one of my all-time favorite movies ever!

Here's my original review of The Artist: one of the most captivating and creative motion pictures that I've seen in a woefully long time. I'm so looking forward to owning the Blu-ray of this as soon as it comes out :-)