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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Watch MOONSHINERS on Discovery Channel tonight! So sayeth Popcorn Sutton's widow!

Recent events in my personal life have kept me from watching Discovery Channel's new hit series Moonshiners, but many have told me that it's a most excellent reality series about those free souls who make likker in true Appalachian style!

I shall however be tuned in tonight (as well as having my DVR set to record) as I have just received word straight from Pam Sutton, the lovely and vivacious widow of moonshining legend Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton, that tonight's episode is supposed to feature Popcorn rather heavily.

I can attest that interest in Popcorn Sutton is soaring of late, as this blog is getting slammed with visits from people Google-ing about Popcorn and his trade. But I should also note that nowhere on The Knight Shift (so far that I know of) can there be found plans to build a moonshine still of one's own. And trust me: people are looking around here :-P

Incidentally, I have also received word that the Third Annual Popcorn Sutton Tribute is set for the first weekend of this coming August! I was able to attend the one this past summer and... well let's just say if last year's second one is any indication, the town of Maggie Valley has a huge, huge thing on its hands that is primed to become a major regular regional event. Will post more as we get closer to summer.

In the meantime, Moonshiners runs at 10 p.m. tonight on Discovery Channel!


Anonymous said...

This program is obviously staged and scripted. Old file footage of Sutton doesn't lend it more credibility. I'm waiting for floppy hats, long johns, and corn cob pipes.

Chris Knight said...

Last night was the first time that I've been able to see the show at all, so I wouldn't know. But I sincerely hope that you're not implying that by association Popcorn was "staged and scripted" as well.

GuitarGemme said...

LOL staged huh LOL I would remain Anonymous to if I were you making a comment like that.
LOL You are giving us folks here in Maggie Valley and Haywood county a good laugh. Go back and watch your Saturday morning cartoons! LOL Chris I just has to comment! :)

lefty said...

everything about that moonshiner show is scripted to fit the stereotype people think of as hillbillys. the popcorn sutton [ recipe] whiskey that you can buy at the liquor stores now is nothing but a watered down corn whiskey. hank williams is using popcorn sutton like he uses his daddy. popcorn nor his family sees any of that . if you want to see what hed think , just look at his tombstone and see what it says.